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Baking & cooking is a passion, which I have inherited from my maternal grandmother. She is a self-taught cook who has never attended any culinary school. Driven by her strong passion and desire to improve her culinary skill led her to experimenting with food ingredients and various cooking methods. It was her inquisitive culinary mind that inspired me to learn baking and cooking. During her younger days, grandma ran a small but successful home-based business in her hometown of Kota Bharu, Kelantan, making local Malaysian favourites for sale. Her menu consists of nasi dagang, laksa Kelantan, savoury yam cake, turnip cake, kuih lapis, kuih talam, vegetable dumplings, curry puff, onde-onde and kuih bangkit, just to name a few. Those were the few things she first taught me to make. Initially it was mind blowing for a beginner to learn her recipes as there were no written recipes! She knows the ingredients and measurements by heart. Ingredients were measured neither by metric nor the imperial system but instead, her own system of using a specific ladle, a bowl or a pot. It really amazes me how her food can turn out good every single time, talk about consistency! Now, I must admit that I am very honoured and proud to be the keeper of her time-tested recipes. If I can have things my way, I hope to pass her legacy onto our next generation. Thank you Ah Ma for sharing your culinary knowledge. I am grateful to you.

Over the years, through our business we have made friends with so many who appreciate quality cakes and baked goods. Thank you all for your continuous support. Here are some of their comments.

Dr. Shiva and Dr. Sumi 3 July 2011
Thank you for the lovely cake. It looked great and tasted good. Thank you for making our girl’s 1st birthday special!

Shantini 3 July 2011
The cake was a hit with everyone at the party! It was delicious! Thanks Evelyn

Ling Chong 25 June 2011
Thanks a lot really appreciate your help. Cake is really superb!

Fiqa 22 July 2013
Oh it was lovely. He loved the cake so much that it was kinda hard to make him cut it. Lol. And everybody was amazed how the cake was nicely done. I’m very happy.

Shee Na Wee 19 Nov 2013
True Flavours did an excellent job at catering for my son's 1st birthday party. I ordered food for 50 and the portions were just nice. I would highly recommend the lemongrass curry chicken, yong tao foo (which is not on the menu yet - but should be), longevity noodles, and the chicken meatballs with mash for kids. Even my fussy little 1 year old who refuses to eat normally ate nearly half a bowl of noodles!!! Evelyn helped with the menu and she is amazing! She's ever ready to lend a helping hand or advice - even when I panicked at 11pm the night before. FYI - True Flavours also caters for functions at my office and we all love the food they serve 🙂 THANKS EVELYN & ANN for making my son's 1st birthday party a great success.

Audrey 8 Dec 2013
Hi Evelyn. Thought u might like an update – chicken curry was as good as remembered but u were rite the rendang is very nice. Everyone liked both anyway. 😀

June Wong 21 Dec 2013
Hi Evelyn. Thanks for the wonderful cake and food. Everyone likes the meehoon. The kids love the chocolate cake. Some came back for 2nds.

Ragini 28 April 2014
Hi Evelyn, your food was good. Everyone enjoyed. Tq.

Kayt 6 June 2014
Hi Evelyn. Everyone is very happy with d cake. Thx for your effort.

Mrs. Jean Leong
6 May 2012 Thank you so much for cooking and sending such lovely food to our place. My guests loved the food and even took home the leftovers. Keep it up.

26 Aug 2012 Once again, thank you for cooking such lovely food for us. My friends all enjoyed the food. One even asked me for your contact. With your permission I’ll give her your phone number.

21 Dec 2013 All my guests loved your food. Lots of praises for the buttered rice and beef rendang, Once again thanks for making my party a success.

14 Jan 2014 Entertaining has been so easy since I know you both.

18 Jan 2014 Great evening for all and as usual praises for the food.

19 Jan 2014 Hi just want to let u know that everyone were full of praises for the food. Its one of those nites where there wasn’t any leftovers. Once again thanks to you and Ann for making me and my hubby proud hosts. Credits should go to you both.

12 March 2014 Ive never been happier. Guests loved d food so much that I have leftovers this time. Now I regret not ordering the salmon. Thanks to you and Ann for making me proud host with so much compliments from my guests.

5 April 2014 My sis in law and her family loved your food very much. I think the sotong was superb. Tonite everything was amazing. Thanks to you and Ann.

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